We had to design 2 promotional posters that catch the viewer’s attention. The posters had to inform, educate, question and/or instruct fellow students on a subject that I am passionate about that requires action.
I wanted my first poster to emphasis on the issue of motorbike deaths on the road and the statistics
that follow these deaths.
The RSA (Road Safety Authority) are the official authority in Ireland for all things involved with the road including subdivisions like the NDLS, Theory Test and promotion of road safety.
The RSA have made attempts in the past to promote motor safety on the road and specifically target both motorists and motorcyclists. They have taken various approaches by directing a poster at the riders themselves or by directing the poster at other motorists to be aware of motorbikes on the road. I felt that these while somewhat successful
did not succeed in hitting a wide audience in one go and while focusing on one group left out the other entirely. I wanted to create a poster that hit both audiences at the same time for maximum impact at the same time. A poster that anyone can read and invoke a response either emotional or actionable.
I have based the poster around the physical road. Using an image of the road to overlay text with. My main focus in this poster is on the statistics of road deaths and how so little can make up so much. Using various techniques I have tried to emphasis and aim the viewer on the numbers in this poster to eventually lead onto the body text. 
For the second poster, the emphasis had to be on the body text more so than the quote.
Reading large quantities of text can become tiresome and can easily lose the attention of the reader.
With this in mind, I set about using the same or similar elements from the first poster to keep consistency, however slightly adjusted the grid used from the first image to suit more text. At this point my next
aim was to emphasis the numbers and statistics like I did in the first poster. I tried a few techniques but settled on the simple change of colour and allowing the tyre tracks to come through subtly. 
Posters in situe
Outlines and grids used in the posters
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